iPods are a new great invention, however many have lamented about the not enough playtime and poor battery life. Formerly, replacing an ipod device battery was next to impossible. Then when your battery dies, its time for a new iPod. This of course proved in order to be extremely expensive. As a outcome, manufacturers have commenced producing aftermarket ipod touch batteries for a DIY conscious producer. Presently there are even higher capacity batteries that will will basically offer you more play on your iPod compared to the original iPod batteries. An even better incentive to replace that declining battery!

I understand what you? re pondering, http://advancedhouseplans.com don? t want to rip aside that shiny ipod touch of yours! Aftermarket iPod batteries have been designed to make the installation as simple since possible (it wasn? t really everything that difficult to start with anyway). Since the batteries set up doesn? t require any soldering, probably the most difficult part will be opening up the physical case. Considering that the iPod doesn? t contain virtually any screws, the casing must be pried off in buy to access the particular internal battery. I really do not recommend using a screwdriver to carry out this because it will damage the truth. The guitar pick has been recommended to perform the job, yet better still, some electric batteries come with the non scratch nylon resources necessary to open your current iPod safely.

Under are some instructions on how in order to install your battery pack. I am mindful that you have more compared to one
Steps in order to install the battery pack:

? Lay your ipod device over a piece of cloth o not scratch surface. Making use of your non scuff tools, slowly place it under the particular cover and begin to pry away from the cover. You need to hear it begin to open. Work your way simply by sliding the device all around the edges.
? The ipod device is basically made from two halves. With halves separated, put the empty shell besides.
? The other fifty percent may have all the internal components in there. You ought to be able to area the battery in there. You will see that the battery is connected to the main circuit panel of your iPod. Carefully unplug the particular old battery by simply pulling on the end of the connector.
? Get the new battery plus plug in in to the connector socket on your ipod touch? s circuit table. The connector will only go in one way so do make sure you place it the correct way up.
? When it? s all connected up, put the cover back about by pressing typically the edges of the two halves with each other.
? Plug your charger in and permit your new iPod charge up regarding at least four hours. All new battery packs will get a extended than normal charge the first time around.
? You? re ready to appreciate your music once more!

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